Below is the list of the shows on Radio Fugu. There are guest selections as well. If you think you can prove your worth, write to hello @ and send us your ideas. Maybe you can get a time slot. Wouldn’t it be great? Meanwhile, listen to the great juice Fugu has to offer:

In Wonderland

One hour of guest shows from the naked selectors out there. Each day is assigned to a special guest. Uncompromised and out-of-the-closet music, perfect for the proper afternoon. Mondays: John Holmes, Wednesdays: Ana Ramone and Thursdays: Victoria Petrova.

Every weekday at 2 PM.

Morning Roots

Early morning Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady and Lovers Rock, from Jamaica with Love.

Two hours of the finest 60s and 70s sun kissed Reggae, old school flavour. Where the Rude Boys meet the Lovers.

Every weekday, from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Easy Living

We’re at war. Duck and Cover.

Remember to run for your shelter as soon as the sirens blast. Bring your gas mask with you. Easy Living remembers the war years, the 30s, the 40s, Billie Holliday and the Andrew Sisters, Orson Welles and Winston Churchill. Late Evening songs that made the war years and special news reports from the time. Cabaret tingled melodies and blessed voices.

Every weekday at lunch time, from 12 to 2 PM.

The Cheese

Remember, your moustache is class. It’s the trend of the moment, whatever that is. Remember your tight shiny jeans and leather jacket protecting your man chest. The Cheese is an out of time collection of Italo Disco gems, electronic boogie, Italian style. From an era where no Berlusconi corrupted the masses. Uncompromising and rare Italo singles from 1980-1987. Catch your breath and make a revolution on your living room.

Weekends, and perhaps weekdays, find it.

Fuck Yeah!

No need for an air guitar here, but if you need some proper indie treatment (real indie, the way Pavement and Unwound told us, not that indie hipster shit), Fuck Yeah is your cry for help. That loud guitar riff, the loud drum roll that precedes the screaming anthem of your forever youth. Alternative and garage tunes from 90s and 00′s, noise punk, post-rock, from Sonic Youth to DFA 1979, the shit is going to hit the fan. You’ll know when it’s on, you’ll scream, proudly, FUCK! YEAH!

Every Saturday, 2 PM.

Barulho Bom

The psychedelic Brazilian generation of the 60s and 70s, bossa-nova, progressive rock, samba, but with a proper psychedelic treatment. Obscure bands, no-hit wonders, the magic of the tropical country in all its glory, be prepared to be surprised. Every song is a treasure.

Every Sundays in the afternoon.

Beat Wave

The groovy sounds from the sixties and the seventies, Mods, Rockers, Heavies, Pot-Heads, Psychedelia, Summer of Love, where the Stones kick the ass of the Beatles. During the weekend, Beat Wave will expose all the guitar-heavy grooves from the decades of love, drugs, and rock. From the Who to Creedence Clearwater Revival, no revivalism here, just pure songs from a time everything was free. Beware: no hit-wonders here. You’ve been warned!

Every Weekend at 12 PM.

Free Saturday / Free Sunday

The weekend is free, right? Well, all of Radio Fugu is free, but we dedicate two hours during the weekends for specially selected mixes and concept shows from our friends and enemies. Free Saturdays and Free Sundays feature a special one hour set from a special guest. Every weekend day a new guest, a new mix.

Every Weekend at 6 PM.


Afternoon is the regular playlist from Radio Fugu. Imagine that Fugu was a boring broadcast radio that only had a stupid commercial playlist. Got the picture? It’s wrong. Afternoon is the regular playlist for Fugu, generally in the afternoons, ha!, where a bit of everything is thrown in for a complete picture, every song from Afternoon has a sunkissed and happy vibe. Here will go the novelties, the new stuff, the good stuff, along with the old stuff. A crazy mix that surprises every time.

Every day ;)

Don’t Ever Wake Up

Imagine you wake up in another dimension. Well, every reality is a new dimension. You can’t quite see where you are. Maybe you need to sleep some more. But while you sleep the music keeps playing. Shit, you think, it’s like I’m both abord the Zion ship in Neuromancer and the ship from 2001… How did I ever get up here? Don’t ever wake up.

Weekends at 10 AM.

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