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Continuing the Test Week

Broadcasting a free Internet radio station is hard, but the music pays off. For now, Fugu will rest on a home server then will move to a more professional streaming technique, to call it something fancy. The music doesn’t change though, yummy beats from all ages, no boundaries.

So if you are on a windows machine, click here to hear the stream (open with your favourite audio software), if you rest on a Mac click here (also for anyone on a Windows with iTunes).

Don’t forget to share and, more importantly, give feedback. Radio Fugu is music for people, and you’re part of it. If you have any suggestions leave a comment or email us at hello @

Hello! Test Week #1

It has taken what… two years? Two years then to have Radio Fugu up and running. It’s a monumental job done with heart.

Radio Fugu has entered its testing week number one, where most of the playlist will be broadcast and refined. You can’t really know the schedule right now, as there are programs that still need some jingles, there are more details to refine.

We’ll keep you posted for more, for now just listen from Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 10 PM GMT. Let’s go

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