Novelties are Fun

Hello all. Been quiet on the website – that doesn’t mean Fugu is not working underwater. Three things:

First, we still need collaborations, specifically for the In Wonderland daily show. The opportunity has been given and at least one person turned it down – how can that be? Secondly, I’ve added a new show that is currently on testing. Unnamed yet, will feature 50s and 60s exotic lounge music, tasty right?

And third there’s a new way to end the broadcast. That’s right, Fugu has an anthem! You can listen to it every day before the last show, at 10pm GMT.

I’m preparing other tasty stuff for the hungry people out there, first the press pack that will consist of stickers and cool stuff like that, to be given and posted in the wild world. It’s a jungle!

And, more importantly, there will be a Fugu launch party soon! There are no details for now, but it will, of course, BE A BLAST.

Stay tuned – listening is easy. Keep coming as I’ll update some stuff on the website. Fugu!