It’s… Radio Fugu!

Maybe you thought this was just a joke, but it’s not. It’s here to stay. It will conquer the world. Well, at least part of it.

Radio Fugu has been around for a month, and it’s rewarding to see people responding to the crazy music. Although we are not famous on Facebook (come on, go there and Like!) we are famous in the heart. Better that way!

Meanwhile, the site has been and will be kept more updated, as the initial playlist has changed a bit. We would like to welcome our dear guests Victoria Petrova from Moscow and Ana Ramone from Lisbon that will have their own In Wonderland schedule, every week. Groovy!

As usual, don’t comment and don’t say a word and don’t send emails.

Of course it’s a joke, come on, speak. Radio Fugu is also yours. Use the email or the comments or snail mail or telephone. Okay telephone is evil, but do send an email using hello @

If you are bold enough and would like to have a show, send us an enquiry, be brave!

Tune in and tune your friends and enemies, and your parents and your siblings and everyone. Let’s all have a bite on that Fugu.