Radio Fugu is an Independent, free, organic and no-worries Internet Radio station that broadcasts from Portugal. The tagline is Naked Music for Clothed People, uncompromised music with no boundaries or genres, good music is never too old and new music is as good as the old music.

The goal is to play music without compromises, without genres, even though there are specific shows that aim at a specific timeline or sound. Words can kill music, and music always overpowers words. Shows at Radio Fugu are always about music – old and new, music that never finds its way on any other contemporary radio. Thus, Radio Fugu may be described as a generalist radio.

Made with passion and, mostly, with the premise of a fully equipped FM radio, with hosts and talk-shows (just not too many of those). This is FM at its core, the old-school vibe of those early jingles, the discovery of new old things, and plenty of airplay for odd things and other stuff that never seems to find it’s way on conventional circuits.

And also, specifically on the Afternoon shows, a showcase of the best Portuguese music that we love to share.

Radio Fugu is an independent FM web radio, the broader spectre of a musical spectrum that seeks nothing but the musical truth.

Proudly, Fugu has it’s iconic shows like Easy Living, music from a time gentleman wore hats, or Barulho Bom where we showcase the psychedelic Brasil of the 60s and 70s, coupled with the more experimental bossa and popular music of the time. Hard Bop and normal Bop and more eccentric Jazz is showcased every weekday, coupled with other shows like Fuck Yeah! – alternative and math rock, pure indie and other harsh guitar-driven experiments. Rock the way it’s suposed to be.

Those are some of the shows that make Radio Fugu the huge cauldron of good taste it is. Our goal is for you to listen to other stuff. Think outside the border. Don’t care for timelines. Discover new bands and artists and listen outside the box. Collect music. See what’s new besides the boring trends.

Fuck normal radio, this is the real sugar.


We do love your feedback. For promos (please do send your music, if we love it it’s on!) and other questions, use:

hello @ radiofugu.com

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