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…and we’re back!

It’s been a while. Since the last weeks of december we’ve been offline with hardware problems but we’ve started our stream as usual this week just in time for Radio Fugu’s second birthday! Next February we’ll be two years old. Nice, huh? Two years of an eclectic and eccentric radio shows! We’ll keep you posted on the festivities. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Like a Blow Fish!

Radio Fugu is already one year old and keeps growing like the blow fish its name derives from :)

We’ve grown on listeners, we’ve reached far more people than on the previous year. We’ve got juicy shows that are becoming iconic, like Barulho Bom and Easy Living. There are no words to describe the excitement when we open our streaming server and realize people have favorite shows already. Something we couldn’t foresee one year and some months ago!

It’s time now to announce that we’re preparing a campaign to reach the people in the street. T-shirts, pins and stickers will be around this summer, but for now we like to keep the details in secret. We’ll post some more information when the stuff is ready to hit the streets.

We believe that a radio like Fugu needs to be out there on everyone’s sleeve, such an independent, free and uncompromised radio station, fighting everyday to be at your heart. It’s hard, but music keeps us alive!

Thanks for all your support.

World Radio Day!

We’re proud to be a Radio today. This is the first World Radio Day, a much welcomed celebration for the countless broadcasters out there giving up the juice and news to keep us going on. A broad and so important medium couldn’t be forgotten. So let’s all celebrate by tuning in!

This couldn’t be a better date: Radio Fugu celebrates 1 Year! So let’s all party but not too much, we don’t want to get the fish too drunk ;)


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Almost One Year!

Next Wednesday the 8th Radio Fugu celebrates it’s first year! A huge thank you for all the supporters and friends and enemies, Radio Fugu is here to stay. The second year will bring even more music and surprises so stay tuned!

Summer Reborn!

Sorry for the lack of posting but since everything is running smoothly over at Radio Fugu there’s no need to annoy anyone with pretentious blog postings.

It’s been a hell of a ride for Radio Fugu, we’ve got to a point where people come to us in the street stating they hear Fugu everyday wich is awesome. You should do it too.

For this Autumn we are preparing some special shows, something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time: talk shows, but short talk-shows. There are times when music is enough but hearing a human voice is warm and embraces you for the winter ahead. Stay tuned.

The playlist is being modified every week so send us your insights about it by email or shout at our facebook page. Are you a fan yet?

Keep sending those suggestions and mixes and promos to our regular email, hello at radiofugu dot com. You know it by heart.

Here it is: The Button Player!

Just a quick update to let you know that you can listen to Fugu directly from the website via the small button player on the right. So wherever you are you can just click it and leave the webpage open forever while you groove to the tastiest tunes this side of the Atlantic.

Of course, you can always just use your favorite player, iTunes, Winamp, VLC and others, but the smallest button in the world is your friend so go use it – there is no excuse.

We’re thinking about building an all-around app that will play the radio and display the songs and schedule, what you think? Fugu on your pocket, fugu on your laptop, fugu while you wake up in the morning. Sounds great?

Meanwhile, a little teaser is being prepared. A small launch party for the tastiest web radio around. Stay tuned!

Novelties are Fun

Hello all. Been quiet on the website – that doesn’t mean Fugu is not working underwater. Three things:

First, we still need collaborations, specifically for the In Wonderland daily show. The opportunity has been given and at least one person turned it down – how can that be? Secondly, I’ve added a new show that is currently on testing. Unnamed yet, will feature 50s and 60s exotic lounge music, tasty right?

And third there’s a new way to end the broadcast. That’s right, Fugu has an anthem! You can listen to it every day before the last show, at 10pm GMT.

I’m preparing other tasty stuff for the hungry people out there, first the press pack that will consist of stickers and cool stuff like that, to be given and posted in the wild world. It’s a jungle!

And, more importantly, there will be a Fugu launch party soon! There are no details for now, but it will, of course, BE A BLAST.

Stay tuned – listening is easy. Keep coming as I’ll update some stuff on the website. Fugu!


It’s… Radio Fugu!

Maybe you thought this was just a joke, but it’s not. It’s here to stay. It will conquer the world. Well, at least part of it.

Radio Fugu has been around for a month, and it’s rewarding to see people responding to the crazy music. Although we are not famous on Facebook (come on, go there and Like!) we are famous in the heart. Better that way!

Meanwhile, the site has been and will be kept more updated, as the initial playlist has changed a bit. We would like to welcome our dear guests Victoria Petrova from Moscow and Ana Ramone from Lisbon that will have their own In Wonderland schedule, every week. Groovy!

As usual, don’t comment and don’t say a word and don’t send emails.

Of course it’s a joke, come on, speak. Radio Fugu is also yours. Use the email or the comments or snail mail or telephone. Okay telephone is evil, but do send an email using hello @

If you are bold enough and would like to have a show, send us an enquiry, be brave!

Tune in and tune your friends and enemies, and your parents and your siblings and everyone. Let’s all have a bite on that Fugu.

Second week!

Today Radio Fugu enters its second week, still testing and being nice to everyone (somewhat), and sleeping less and less. The playlist has changed a little, new shows will be featured and starting tuesday new jingles as well! Stay tuned, these are hot.

Hope you don’t mind the inclusion of some google ads up there, nothing personal. Radio Fugu is free and non-profit, but earning a few cents from advertising helps the costs of the server, nothing is free (except music) in this contemporary society. You understand.

But better than being nice is being a listener, don’t forget: Listen now, tommorow is too late. The uprising has started. Let’s tune in.

Good Morning, Fugu

Entering the first weekend of broadcast and the first day of Egyptian Freedom with a tasty selection for all the clothed and naked people out there. First, let’s thank you for the support, but we need more listeners. Fugu only works with people tuning in.

Also, if you have any suggestion or would like to make a show contact us at helo @ and if you can convice that your music is naked enough for Fugu we’ll arrange a time slot. Easy?

Keep tuning in, there’s no AM or FM, only Radio Fugu!

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